3 advantages of SEO optimization

Have you ever wondered why your competition is at the top of a simple search on Google, Bing or Yahoo, and you can not even appear on the front page? Their success is due to SEO optimization, or as it is known to search engine optimization. Here are the first threee advantages of it that come to mind:

The cost per click is 0

Cost-per-click promotion means that you place a banner of your site on another site, and if the user clicks, you will pay a certain amount. That’s what happens in most cases. But if you optimize your website from an SEO perspective, you will get 0 costs for the traffic you will receive. Why is this happening? Because, while you initially invest in SEO optimization, traffic from positioning to the top positions in search engines will generate targeted traffic. The display will be organized, ie unpaid, and users will be directly interested in your products / services.

Promote your products and services

If you develop a website you definitely want to attract new customers and make sales. SEO optimization helps you position yourself in the top spot in search engines, often in the first place, exactly on the keywords that are relevant to your business and users. The cost of this organic view is 0.

You get quality traffic

Quality traffic is difficult, but it is not impossible at all. Once you’ve got it, you’ll know exactly what users are looking for on your site, so you can get better service and more commands.

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