Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Scotland — Liddel

TBILISI 30th January [1919]

On the South Caucasia it is not quiet again. Three months ago there have been battles between the Armenian and Azerbaijanian forces. After that the two governments signed an agreement in Tbilisi on 23 November and there was a hope that both parties would live in peace until the disputable issues were settled by Great Powers.

However, almost right after the agreement was signed, taking an advantage of the withdrawal of the Azerbaijanian forces, the Armenians traitorously attacked the Muslims in Zangazur, where they destroyed about forty Muslim villages.

The Azerbaijanian government made a protest against this, but received an answer refuting the mentioned facts. At present it is stated in the official note of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia that on 19th January the governmental forces together with armed gangs attached in the direction of Shusha district of Karabag.

All the Muslim villages that were on the way, i.e. all in all nine villages, have been destroyed and most of the population has been violently killed.

If no measurements are taken so as to make the Armenians to remove their forces, then the war is inevitable. Fatali Khan Khoyskiy, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan finishes his note with the following words: "Once more pointing at the absolute inadmissibility of such actions by the Armenian Republic, I strongly insist that the aggressive actions of the Armenian forces are immediately stopped and I think it my duty to inform you that if they continue the military operations against the peaceful Muslim population, my Government will have to take immediate actions for the protection of lives and property of its citizens, laying all the blame for possible consequences on the Armenian government".

These appearances by the Armenians are not only criminal, but also extremely foolish. The independence of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia is recognized by the Supreme Board, but the borders have not been determined yet. And now, when Georgia and Azerbaijan is peacefully waiting for the decision of Paris Gods regarding their future borders, Armenia draws a big hatred upon itself by throwing away the torn agreement and all kind of vigilance and by setting out a war against totally innocent peasants just because of all-absorbing land greed.

In this case its foolish aspirations point out its inclination to the East, in the meantime it could be thought that Armenia adheres to the eastern orientation.

Armenia is not happy that Dashnagsutun party is in power there. This is a terrorist organization that has been intentionally wakening Armenians to attacking Muslims for many years. Bearing the deserved punishment by the latter, they were announcing it in order to create a worldwide sympathy for "poor Armenians". I have already several times stated who the Armenians in the Caucasus are. Even more than that, they are basically an argument for the advertisement.

By means of skilled systematic propaganda they win much undeserved sympathy. As per the expressions of one English officer who got to know Armenians for several years, "Armenia always looks for conflicts and when they get it, they name the entirely deserved punishment as "oppression" in their propaganda". The killed Armenian is very valuable for Dashnaks. If to use this case properly, it can bring many advantages. As per Nuri Pasha’s words, who I have had a conversation recently, "Whenever an Armenian is killed, he rises and screams that he was killed during massacre".

There is an Armenian Bureau in London, and similar institutions exist also in France and in the United States of America, and their favourite method is to use the word "peasant or farmer" for the purposes of mean advertisement. Here everyone knows the truth and if the English audience does not know about it, however the English Ministries should know about it.

In their current set out in Zangazur the Armenians do not hesitate in their temporary success. The major part of their regular forces used to serve in the Russian Armenia earlier, whereas the Azerbaijanian forces consist of almost only the young recruits.

However this success cannot be prolonged: the Armenians are not only wrong, but they are also in minority. But the day will come when all the Muslims will rise against their oppressors, and when this day comes, nothing will save the Armenian people.

Armenian occupation transformed Nagorno-Karabakh into a wasteland

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