Ministry of Foreign Affairs


TBILISI 30th January [1919]

Dear Sir!

I confirm the receipt of your personal letter from Paris dated 7th October, which was submitted to me right now by Mr. Rebinov. I have thoroughly noted its contents and will follow your instructions precisely.

In particular I will try to inform the American Government about the veritable essence of the agreement signed between Azerbaijan and Armenia in mid September regarding the neutral zone that shall be governed by the Governor, appointed by Colonel Gaskel. I would also emphasize those parts (of your note) where you talk about the relations between Armenian Government and the Muslims of Erivan and Kars regions.

I will seriously study the protest that was submitted by you to the representatives of union and amicable countries dated 16 August 1919. I will not fail to state that the major part of these regions is Muslim and that their population do not want to become the homagers of the Armenians.

You must be sure that I will do my best to neutralize any disagreeable impression or false rumours that can be spread by three Armenians that left France recently in order to travel to America.

Recently I have received an invitation from esteemed James V. Gerard, the former envoy of US in Germany that asks me to attend the breakfast given in honour of ex Prime-Minister of Armenia. Attached please find his letter with invitation.

I accepted this invitation and found out a lot about what the Armenians feel for Azerbaijan. These feelings are definitely hostile and the American Armenians adversely react to the idea that Azerbaijan might be independent. It will be one of my duties as your representative in America to neutralize and paralyze the hostile propaganda of the Armenians. Fortunately, the leader of the Armenians in United States is Mr. Vagane Kardasvyan, a well known lawyer in New York, having an Armenian nationality, who I have been in friendly relationship with for several years. He confessed that his compatriots are not in the least friends of Azerbaijanians, who he continued calling the Tatars during the whole conversation. But he assured me that he personally has no serious objections against the independence of Azerbaijan and that he will not do anything to prevent the recognition of the independence of Azerbaijan by United States.

Soon we will have breakfast together and I think I will manage to persuade him to give me his word not to undertake anything against the Muslims in their fight for independence.

The problem is that the Armenian literature distributed in America is full of accusations and cavils against the Turks and Tatars and the majority of these cavils fall to the share of Azerbaijan. In a few days I will send you the copies stating some of such literature that we will have to fight against in the US if we want to create a good propaganda for your country and Georgia. You can be sure that the American Armenians will not be able to scare me and influence me in any way. I will fight for you as bravely and in good faith as though you were here to lead the fight yourself.

I would like to draw your attention to the printed list of names of prominent Americans, comprising the committee for independent Armenia. The list includes the names of the best statesmen of the United States.

Three of them were the candidates for Presidential elections: Charles E. Hugest, William Jennings Bryan and Alton B. Parkere. The rest are the Governors of the States, heads of Universities, members of the Parliament, senators of the United States, high ranked ecclesiastics such as Cardinal James Gibbone.

These prominent people are the enthusiastic admirers of independent Armenia and they lead a serious propaganda to reach their aim.

We need a similar propaganda committee for Azerbaijan and Georgia and only if possible, to create it as we need it. As you remember in Paris I persuaded you that it was important to establish a propaganda committee similar to this one. The Armenians are the only delegation of minor nationality that accepted this reasonable action method and the prospect of getting independence for them is more realizable than for any other nation.

I also attach the letter of esteemed James V. Gerard, stating the plan of Armenian propaganda. This plan is quite effective as it expresses the feelings and wishes of the American people to the State Department, White House and Senate. We need to establish the similar committee for Azerbaijan and Georgia and to accept these methods of propaganda. It may require several weeks or even several months, but I think I can manage to establish such a committee among the people in America who are for the independence of minor nations and who will put the independence above any religious prejudices and fanaticism.

At least I will try to do it. I have not submitted your letter to the President yet and will not do it until he feels well. It would be useless to hand the letter to him at such a moment. He is still sick, very weak and has his meals in bed. Other than his Secretary and the members of his family, the doctor does not allow anyone to see him, except for the Belgian King who came to see him last month. His sickness causes great obstacles in the general work of propaganda, and I think the senators and deputies consider that it would be useless and inconvenient to strive for the independence of minor nations while the President is sick.

I agree with this opinion and within next week or two I will restrict my efforts to try and create a powerful propaganda committee for Azerbaijanians and Georgians, which is similar to the committee created by Armenians for themselves.

When meeting an American senator or a deputy, who seems like thinks that not much attention should be given to the Azerbaijanians as they are Turks, Tatars and Muslims, I tell them that your country is in a complete accordance with Christian country, i.e. Georgia and that the Azerbaijanians and Georgian Christians are politically united by recently entering into a defensive alliance, where Armenians were also invited to take part. I will continue insisting that the Azerbaijanian Muslims are not incited with hostility against Christians of Georgia or any other Christian nation, willing to live in peace and treat the Azerbaijanian Muslims honestly.

I think it could be great if any decision stating the amicable religious and other relations between the small Christian and Muslim republics was accepted at the general meeting of delegates of Georgia and Azerbaijan. This decision could crack open any arguments produced by Armenians saying that the Azerbaijanians are incited with hostility against Armenians from the religious point of view.

I could use the copies of such decisions in America in order to clear up the unfavourable impression created by Armenians.

I provided Mr. Rebinov with all the literature that he requested. I will give all of them to your acquaintance you mention in your letter, if you give me his surname and address. Mr. Rebinov, who I had breakfast with today, said that he did not know the surname of this acquaintance and that is why he could not get the letter you mention before leaving Paris. We work with Mr. Rebinov in full accordance for the favour of Azerbaijan and Georgia. I will write you again in a few days about the issues according to their development in US.

I will send you a report on possibility of obtaining visa for Georgian and Azerbaijanian delegation to travel to United States. Mr. Rebinov said that Colonel James Lgau told him in Paris that these passports would not be issued as both the Azerbaijanians and Georgians did not agree to transport provisions for Armenians. In a few days I am personally going to apply to the State Department of Washington, and I will see what Mr. Lansing says about this issue. I will present you a report in due time. I am not worried about the future in the United States.

I strongly believe that Kolchak and Denikin will come off second-best in Russia and the United States and other powerful countries will not have any choice other than to recognize the independence of small non-Russian states, including Azerbaijan and Georgia. I am sure that sooner or later we will get this result. All we need is belief, courage, energy and insistence and we will win in a year or two, and maybe even in a few months.

I do not trust either Kolchak or Omskiy at all. These governments present everything not progressive, but reactionary in the old regime, against which there was a fight and as soon as United States understands that these reactionaries cannot win an enduring victory, the recognition of independence of all the non-Russian republic will be a natural consequence of it.

I meet many senators, deputies, public figures in America that agree with me on this issue.

I send the copy of this letter to Mr. Chkheidze as the contents of the letter is interesting both for Georgians and Azerbaijanians. You will get recent news from me in 8 or 10 days.

Give my best regards to all the members of the Azerbaijanian Delegation.

Signed by Chandler

I have written long letters to Mr. Chkheidze and yourself about two weeks ago. I hope you have received them.



The original letter which was written to me by Gerar, an American envoy. Bureau of the publishing house of the Committee of independent Armenia 1 Maddison Boulevard, New York

To Mr. Walter M. Chandler,
20 Broadway, New York City

Dear Deputy Chandler,

I hereby write to you in order to ask you to be my guest for breakfast, which will be arranged by the American committee in honour of the ex Prime-Minister of Armenia, Minister of Finance and Vice-chairman of Armenian National Delegation in the Peaceful Conference in Benkery Club on Thursday, 23rd October at noon.

Yours faithfully,


The last appeal of Armenia to America

28th September 1919

(addressed to the priest)

Armenia is threatened with danger of inevitable destruction. The attached copies of telegrams by the representative of Armenian Republic do not leave any doubts about this issue. Armenia sends its last entreaty to the Christian America to save it. Should it be mentioned that if the Armenian nation is destroyed, then the Christian church will be disgraced forever. I hereby address you with request to send telegraph or to write to the President and Senators of your States in order to hasten them for taking immediate and essential measurements to rescue Armenia.

Is it possible to draw the attention of your congregation (parish) to this issue and to ask every man and woman to send telegraphs to the President and Senators of your States begging them to take the necessary measurements to save Armenia? Our executive committee thinks that President has power to assist and to act, which is his responsibility. Armenia is dying. America has to express its opinion.

Yours (signed) Gerar

Such a committee and such letters are required to be used for the independence of Azerbaijan and Georgia.

The Armenians demand the redemption of their government from foreign empire and the rights to create a free, autonomous and independent Armenian government.

(Stamp) Chairman of the Peaceful Delegation of Azerbaijan Republic

Signed by A. M. Topchibashev

Armenian occupation transformed Nagorno-Karabakh into a wasteland

Property abandoned by fleeing IDPs